About Us

The Cascade Booksellers Association (CBA) is a non-profit association comprised of professional retail book dealers in the Pacific Northwest who provide a wide variety of personalized customer services.  Each dealer is independent and offers their own unique inventory which may include general stock in all categories or may focus on one or more specialties.   Although each dealer may operate their business with diverse policies, each CBA member is required to deal fairly and honestly with both the general public and fellow book dealers.  If you have a compliment or a complaint about a member bookstore or this web page, send an email to support@pauba.org and provide us with the details and we will contact the member bookstore or our webmaster on your behalf.

Because of our growth over the years, we’ve had to change our name to encompass a larger region! Formerly known as Portland Area Used Booksellers Association, we are now Cascade Booksellers Association. We still put on the Rose City Book Fair (which gets better as we grow), we still have the same dedication to professionalism in the book trade, and soon will have a new website. Until then, we will continue using the PAUBA website, so be sure to check here for information about the 2016 Book Fair this June!